System description

We present a quick and efficient formwork system that is a basis for a construction of spread footings and foundation walls. It is a system made out of a formwork board and a mounting frame created for all kinds of foundation works. The quickness and simplicity of the system means there is no need for any additional specialized staff.

An outstanding simplicity of creating various shapes and sizes is possible because of the elasticity of the formwork board. The most complicated formwork systems can be achieved by numerous dimensions of the mounting frame available. Thanks to the light weight of the elements and a standard dimension of the formwork board its transport is extremely easy. Our system allows for an efficient execution of the foundation work in every construction site conditions.

The process of assembling elements starts with installing and attaching the mounting frame to the ready elements of foundation reinforcement with a tying wire or quick electric welding. As prepared elements of the reinforcement with the mounting frame installed can be positioned on foundation axes according to a construction project. Subsequently using the anchor bolts placed on foundation axes, the reinforcement is to be fastened to prevent it from displacement.

With correctly placed reinforcement the formwork boards can be installed by hooking them by the assembly components using an assembly key to bend mounting frame’s steel rod. Next, using a tying wire connect all of the formwork boards to create one compact and solid formwork system in accordance with a construction project.

Before a process of pouring concrete fill the form with loss solid up to ¾ of the boards’ height. This will prevent the form from decompressing during the process of pouring concrete. One can also use foundation clamps made out of a steel rod.

Next, using the foundation clamps of the foundation walls, a process of building the foundation walls up to a certain height can begin. It is crucial to remember that the minimal distance between the clamps is about 40cm. Process of filling in the forms of foundation walls should be slow and handled with care to minimalize the pressure force that concrete can act out on the form. Before the last concrete pouring remember to manually straighten the form once again.

This formwork system’s technology is already an insulation against moisture for a spread footing and a foundation wall thanks to the use of boards’ foil. Additionally, the formwork made out of steel elements is an additional yet so important way of strengthening a building’s foundation reinforcement.

From this day forward everyone can build their own house.

A quick and easy system for building spread footings and foundation walls using a revolutionary formwork board where all the work can be done by yourself. In preparation with already ready reinforcement, install shuttering boards by hooking them by the assembly elements using the installation key. A formwork prepared in this way can be poured with a concrete mass. The remaining shuttering boards work as insulation and prevent a building from moisture.




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